Tea Meditation

Saturday 22nd September – 10am – Free Entry

This is a first for us! Our long standing customer Jonathan from Rising Spiral Yoga will be hosting this event in our function room. There is no entry fee but you will be required to purchase a pot of tea to join in.

To book this event please visit his Facebook page Rising Spiral Yoga.

A note from Jonathan……..

I always like to share mindfulness meditation in ways that inspire or challenge preconceptions of what a meditation practise may look like. A beautiful thing about mindfulness is we can choose to pay attention to anything which helps us be fully present. The benefits of practising mindfulness, of course, are manifold.

For this session we will be gently observing our senses and experiences with our humble cuppa. With the full Jacqueline’s experience; from the anticipation of the egg-timer telling us the perfect time to pour; the sound of the cup filling, the tinkle of crockery; the sights and smells of the tea itself. And that’s before we even have a taste!

We will meet at 10am, with an intention of beginning around 10.30am after orders have been placed. The meditation will be approximately 30 minutes, though you are naturally most welcome to linger should you wish.

-This is a free session, the only consideration is the cost of your chosen tea.
-Open to beginners and experienced mindfulness practitioners alike.
-Booking is necessary to reserve your place.